Be An Informed Surgical Patient – Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before You Say Yes

“Nip and Tuck” rolls off the tongue like the phrase, “What would you like for dessert?”

Plastic surgery is a little more serious than it appears, and anyone planning on a little bodily remodels needs to ask the right questions and receive the best answers to their questions.

Openly discussing the following questions with your plastic surgeon, and receiving the correct answers will lower your anxiety and stress level creating a healthier outlook for a smooth and easy recovery. The last thing you want to do before surgery is become emotionally stressed and anxious over any surgical procedure.

It is always advisable to receive a personal recommendation from a friend or a physician’s patient where you can openly discuss likes and dislikes about the procedures.

Listed below are the initial, primary questions you should ask your plastic surgeon before you say YES and pick a date.

  • Where did you study for your medical degree, and how long have you been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • Is the procedure we are discussing one that you often perform, and with record success?
  • What are the potential risks or complications with this procedure, and is it normal to feel anticipation before surgery?
  • How long will the procedure take, and is it performed as an outpatient procedure or will I be in the hospital overnight or longer?
  • Do you have hospital privileges were you would be performing the surgery? I ask this in case something goes wrong, I would not want to be transferred to another doctor unfamiliar with my medical history.
  • Alternatively, will this procedure be scheduled to be performed as an outpatient ambulatory facility?
  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare for surgery, such as a special diet, stop taking aspirin, etc.
  • How long is the recovery period expected to last? I need to know for planning purposes.
  • Will I need any assistance at home after surgery, or will I be able to manage my daily activities on my own?
  • What anesthesia do you recommend for this particular procedure if I will need more than a local, and does the anesthesia have any side effects I should be concerned about?
  • Do you expect to complete the plastic surgery in one procedure or will I need to return for a second treatment?
  • Are there serious risks with this surgery?

Whether your surgery is optional or mandatory, it is comforting to have information on your surgeon’s skills, background, and practice. Surgical skills are of utmost importance, but bedside manner is also ranked high on the scale of selecting a physician to perform plastic surgery.

Be prepared for your surgery, so your recovery will be a more comfortable experience.