Proper Care Following Labiaplasty

Labiaplasties are becoming more and more common, particularly in the United States. Women of all ages consult their doctor or surgeon about what their options are for altering the look of their vaginas to be more pleasing or comfortable. While there are many reasons women may decide to have labiaplasty done, it’s vital to understand the proper care during the recovery period after the surgery. Before having a labiaplasty, take the time to familiarize yourself with the recovery process and what supplies you should have on hand.

Begin your recovery before surgery

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One of the best steps you can take to make your recovery easier is stocking up on the products you’ll need post surgery. Buy plenty of arnica and bromelain pills, then start taking them about a week before your actual surgery. These pills help prevent swelling and you’ll have a build up in your system. Take time off work and plan to avoid strenuous activities (like exercising, lots of walking, and sex!). Get a spray bottle filled with water to help with cleanliness and consider removing your pubic hair before the surgery to make the entire process easier.

What to expect the first week

Immediately following surgery, it’s likely that you won’t feel much pain or discomfort because your surgeon likely used a painkiller injected when the surgery was performed. Do not assume this means you’ll have no issues; extreme swelling often occurs within the first 24 hours, which leads to pain and discomfort. Remember to take your pain medicine as directed by your doctor. Prepare yourself for this discomfort and do not worry that the labiaplasty wasn’t done correctly; it’ll take a couple of weeks for the swelling to lessen before you can see the results of your surgery.

What you cannot do

Remember that it’s vital you take a few days off of work. It’s advised that you even take a week or more off, to give yourself plenty of time to begin the healing process. Avoid exercise and moving around too much, though it’s advised that you begin taking short walks as soon as possible. You absolutely cannot have sex, for at least 4-6 weeks. Make sure your partner is aware of this fact and realizes that you cannot engage in sexual intercourse before your doctor approves it, even if you feel okay. Do not wear tight clothes or soak in a bath because this could increase irritation and the risk of infection.

What you should be doing

Make sure the area is cleaned regularly and carefully watch for any issues, such as bleeding, pus, or other signs of an infection. If severe swelling and discoloration continue after a few weeks, schedule a visit with your doctor to make sure everything is okay. Use your water bottle to spray the area while you urinate, to avoid any pain from urine contact with the incisions and also to clean the area after using the bathroom. Apply any ointments according to your doctor’s instructions.


By following all these steps, you should be able to experience a relatively worry-free recovery from your labiaplasty!