The Millennial Botox Rush

Botox has always had a stigma as the cosmetic procedure for older people, but recent studies have revealed that more young people are getting botox every year. The appeal of botox is its ability to smooth wrinkles and give a younger appearance to the skin. It has always been popular with people who already have wrinkles and are looking to bring a youthfulness to their skin.

When botox procedures became mainstream in the late 1990s, virtually nobody under the age of 35 considered the procedure. In the 20 year history of botox, its use amongst young people has steadily increased, and in 2015 over 500,000 people between the age of 19 and 35 received at least one botox injection. Between 2011 and 2015 injections skyrocketed by 41 percent. The peak of botox in young people actually came in 2005 at 588,000 procedures, and then it plummeted like most other cosmetic procedure numbers in 2006. Numbers are predicted to be back above those highs from 2006 in the next year.

Millennials are not using botox to smooth out wrinkles and make themselves younger like their parents are. Instead, they are using it as a preventative measure to avoid wrinkles altogether. Young people have discovered that getting the injections can preserve their youth much longer than they could have hoped without botox. Many think women are the only people getting botox, but that’s just not true. Many men are also getting the procedure, and the term “brotox” has been coined in many social circles to describe the procedure for men.

The trend in young people started right here in California, but it has since spread through the entire country. Many experts are attributing the enormous growth of social media sites to the parallel growth of millennial botox. The quest to take the perfect selfie is leading more young people to cosmetic surgery centers across the country. This surge has also allowed these centers to market botox to a whole new demographic of people.

The use of botox amongst younger people is a testament to how much emphasis millennials put on preventing the signs of aging. By receiving botox injections early, millennials will stay looking younger for longer.