Weight Loss and Liposuction

In the United States, more than two thirds of adults are considered overweight; one third of American adults is considered obese. People disagree over the exact cause for this health epidemic, arguing that the culprit is lack of self-control, health issues, or what’s being put into our food, but right now, the main focus should be helping people get back in shape and achieve a healthier weight. There are more overweight children than ever before and people find it increasingly difficult to shed pounds. Obesity and being overweight can lead to serious health concerns, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and many other illnesses.

The first step should be losing the majority of the weight that’s impacting your life. If you’re severely overweight, you usually can lose weight more quickly than someone closer to their ideal body weight. Even after significant weight loss, many people wish they could lose a few more pounds or feel better about the way they look. They keep trying diet and exercise, but it takes a long time to see progress and feel like you’re getting anywhere. Even if they do lose some weight, it’s difficult to perfectly tone your body after significant weight loss, because there’s excess skin and tricky areas of fat that refuse to respond to natural weight loss and toning methods. So, what are you supposed to do when you just can’t get rid of those last few pounds?

Liposuction: A Solution

For conditions where a little weight loss is necessary, liposuction offers a possible solution. If diet and exercise have not been working and your weight is seriously impacting your life and body image, liposuction can help, though it is not a solution for extreme obesity. Liposuction essentially destroys fat cells in the targeted part of the body and sucks them out, using an invasive procedure. Generally, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have the same amount of fat accumulate in that specific section of your body, but the fat could migrate somewhere else. Once you have liposuction done, it’s vital that you stick to a balanced diet and healthy exercise routine to avoid regaining the weight. Liposuction will not prevent future weight gain, but it can help shape certain areas of the body and is an immediate solution.

Liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures done in America, particularly for women. Another reason people get liposuction is merely to feel better about their appearance. They may not have ever been significantly overweight, but liposuction helps shape and sculpt specific areas of the body, which helps people feel more confident about how they look. There are possible complications to liposuction, such as infection, so it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions for taking care of your body post-treatment.